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High Authorities Silent Over Kasur Incident


LAHORE: The abhorrent incident of parading three Christian women publicly fails to catch attention of High Authorities.



The Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Minister of Punjab have turned a blind eye towards the disgusting incident in Kasur, Punjab– when three Christian women were paraded nude publicly over a trivial dispute.


While Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC) has strongly condemned the incident of parading naked three Christian women in a village of district Kasur by Muslim landlord in accomplice with PML-N’s parliamentarian.  He complained that,” Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif have not yet taken any steps against this inhuman and heinous crime.”




As CIP has learned, the cause of the incident was apparently that on two occasions some goats belonging to the Christians had entered the fields of the landlord, Munir, who claimed that they had damaged his crops. As the goats belonged to the Christians Munir confiscated them. The following day of the incident  Shaukat Masih son of Sadiq Masih approached Munir in the company of his sisters-in–law and requested him to release their goats. Munir refused to do so and stared beating him. Munir slaped him many times across the face and cursed him. When Shoukat, in retaliation, slapped him back Munir became furious and threatened him. It was this incident that lead to the revenge attack. At this time they also injured  Sadiq Masih who received several injuries to his leg.




The incident occurred on the night of June 3 after 11 pm when the male members of the family were attending to their jobs. The men, armed with weapons and sticks, broke in the house. At that time the women were sleeping in the house along with their in-laws Sadiq Masih 73 years old (father-in-law) and Ms. Rani Bibi 70 years old (mother-in-law). When the attackers invaded the house they started looking for the sons of Sadiq Masih, checking all the rooms and throwing their belongings about. When they could not find his sons they started beating the daughters-in-law.The invaders then took the three Christian women out into the street where the lights were on and tore their clothes off. They then started shouting to attract the attention of the people nearby. Nobody dared to stop them as the attackers were holding weapons.