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Hindu Temple Set In Flames Over Alleged Violation Of Quran.


A furious rabble attacked a Hindu temple and set a dharmashala on flames over alleged violation of Quran rapidly authorities to enforced a curfew in the Larkana city in southern Sindh province.

Hindu Temple Set In Flames Over Alleged Ruining Of Quran.
Hindu Temple Set In Flames Over Alleged Ruining Of Quran.

The protesters attacked the temple, set the dharmashala on blaze on Saturday night and encircled the house of a Hindu man who was blamed of burning the pages of Quran, prompting security forces to fire warning shots and teargas shells.


Police said curfew has been enforced in Jinnah Bagh and some other parts of the city after rabble went out of control.


“The man accused of blasphemy is a consistent drug addict and the Hindu community in Larkana can’t even think of disrespecting any community’s religious beliefs,” said Kalpana Devi, the head of the local Hindu Panchayat.

A local police spokesperson said that soon after news reached of the man damaging the book, angry students and followers of local religious madrisa had started assembling in groups and demanded the man be handed over to them.


“They set on fire the main Hindu temple in the Jinnah Bagh Chowk area and also completely gutted the adjoining dharmashala,” the spokesperson said.


“Curfew has now been enforced in the area with heavy perambulation by the paramilitary rangers and police who had to cudgel charge and use teargas shells to scatter the rabble,” he said.


Larkana is the native land of the Bhutto family and the iron grip of Pakistan People’s Party.