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Holding fast to Biblical teachings: A clerk gladly goes to jail but plainly refuses to issue same-sex marriage certificates


Kim Davis

A Clerk jailed for not issuing same-sex marriage certificate.

According to media reports, Kim Davis who is a county clerk in Kentucky has been put behind the bars for contempt of court. Kim Davis patently refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

On September 3, Kim Davis was taken into federal custody after Judge David Bunning said that her beliefs and conscience did not give her the freedom to contravene the terms of her oath to carry out the law. “Oaths mean things,” the judge said.

Moreover, the Judge said that Kim Davis could be released from federal custody if she abides by the order to recommence issuing marriage licenses in the county. The Judge added that imposing fines would not be enough to endorse the law, because her defiance might have a “ripple effect,” which will encourage others to imitate her.

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“I did a lot of vile and wicked things in my past,” Kim Davis said when she was asked about her life before becoming a Christian in 2011. “My conscience will not allow me,” she said several times during her testimony.Kim Davis appeared quiet, almost whispering, and had tears in her eyes while talking about her Christian beliefs.

Kim Davis who was called to state under oath at the court hearing restated that she strongly believes issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples is entirely against her Christian beliefs. Kim Davis has been ordered to do so as a consequence of an earlier Supreme Court ruling.

On the other hand, supporters of same-sex marriage crowded outside of the courthouse in Ashland, Kentucky, while the trial of Kim Davis was under way and began to applaud as the news of her being jailed spread.