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Homeless Man’s Life Changes through Cop’s Bible and Act of Kindness



A video released by Police Department South Carolina, U.S. tells the amazing story of how a Bible changed the life of a homeless addicted man.

The video by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office shares footage of a phone call from Robert Morris, whose life was touched in 2014 after Deputy Matt Holman found him walking the streets alone and soaking wet.

“He was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life and in that time of my life I was really messed up in drugs and alcohol,” Morris stated in a call to express gratitude.

Morris explained that he had been living in a tent after getting addicted to drugs and alcohol and after his tent washed away with the flood, he began walking the streets.

One night, at 2 a.m. Deputy Matt Holman saw him and stopped to talk to him. The two of them went to a nearby church where Morris shared his life story with the cop.

Holman recalled that Morris had lost his parents and a sister as well. After the death of her sister, Morris had become addicted to drugs and alcohol. He had two other siblings; a brother and a sister as well but his addiction had destroyed his relationship with his other siblings.

During the discussion, Holman asked Morris what his needs were.

“[The deputy] said, ‘You need anything?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I need a Bible,’” Morris remembered. “So he got in his trunk, and he thought he had an extra Bible back there that he keeps for those occasions, but he couldn’t find one.”

Unable to find an extra Bible, the Deputy gifted his own personal Bible, a small black leather Bible to Morris.

“I wrestled with the fact that I knew my personal Bible was in the car and I didn’t necessarily want to give that up,” Holman explained. “I wrote in this Bible, done Bible studies out of it with my brothers [and] highlighted things, and it meant a lot to me. I was really attached to that Bible.”

“But I kind of felt like God was telling me, ‘He needs this more than you do,’” he explained.
Holman then bought Morris a meal. “Then he asked me if I was hungry and I said, yes I was hungry,” Morris said.

After six months of the event, Holman received a voice mail from Morris who wanted to talk to Holman and thank him.

“He said, ‘Officer, you don’t understand. Because of what you’d done, I checked myself back into mental health, I was able to get regulated with my medication [and] I reconciled my relationship with my brother [and] my sister,” Holman remembered, adding that Morris was also no longer homeless.

“Because of what you had done that night,” Morris said, “that saved my life.”

He also sent Holman a card that read in part, “I just needed to let you know you will be very rewarded in heaven. … I was at my lowest. [I] never had hopes or dreams. I still can’t believe a sheriff’s deputy was going to be my hero.”

Morris passed away in March of last year, but the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office notes that he did so “a changed and renewed man.”