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HONG KONG: Christians Site Faith As Inspiration For Their Pro-Democracy Protests


Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong recently demanding democracy and grabbing global attention.

HONG KONG- Christians support pro-demcracy protests
HONG KONG- Christians support pro-demcracy protests

Many threads have run through the protests, including one that might seem surprising: faith. Many of the leaders are Christian, and some cite faith as an inspiration.

When Hong Kong’s Occupy Central group first announced last year it was planning pro-democracy demonstrations, it did so in a church in the city’s Kowloon section. The group’s full name is Occupy Central with Love and Peace, in the Christian spirit, and its top leaders include a minister and a law professor who is also Christian.

“There are many Christians and Catholics among the pro-democracy leaders in Hong Kong, the older generation,” says Joseph Cheng, who teaches political science at City University of Hong Kong.