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Hong Kong police investigate “Protestant politician” claim he was kidnapped and tortured by mainland China agents


A Hong Kong Protestant politician who claims that he was kidnapped and tortured by mainland China agents who denied making up his story. Howard Lam an individual from the Democratic Party, rejected by means of Facebook feedback of his sensational record of being snatched on Aug. 10 and tormented by having crosses stapled into his legs.

Protestant politician claim he was kidnapped and tortured by mainland China agents

Many individuals communicated questions via web-based networking media and web discussions about Lam’s record of being tormented and addressed on the off chance that he was making it up.

Among them were inquiries with reference to why Lam did not answer to the police or go to the doctor’s facility straight after abductors stapled 10 crosses into his thighs.

Lam contended by means of Facebook that being stapled was extremely agonizing yet that a short time later it was “not as excruciating” and that he just felt some distress when strolling.

“I was exceptionally alarmed,” said Lam, including he at that point could just consider Martin Lee and Albert Ho, the previous and officeholder directors of the Democratic Party “as I felt that it was a political occurrence and the two were senior lawmakers.”

Some of his faultfinders addressed why both Lee and Ho — who are attorneys — prompted him to require a crisis question and answer session first as opposed to setting off to the police.

Amid his question and answer session on Aug. 11, Lam said a few charged operators from territory China snatched and tormented him subsequent to learning he would send a picture of football star Lionel Messi to Liu Xia, wife of Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo who died in a hospital in China’s northeast on July 13.

Lam said that he had as of late appeared on Facebook a marked photograph of the Argentinean soccer player to send to Liu Xia as he took in her significant other was a Messi fan. Lam said at the public interview that the hijackers let him know not to send the photograph.

Lam said he was stole and wound up noticeably oblivious. Later he wound up plainly cognizant in a room where he said four or five Mandarin-talking men beat him and punctured him with staplers which Lam appeared amid the question and answer session.

Amid the mishandle and torment, Lam said one of the ruffians asked him: “Why not love your nation and religion?” Lam said the episode was identified with his anxiety for Liu Xia.

Following 10 to 20 minutes of torment, Lam said he wound up noticeably oblivious again until the point when he woke up on a shoreline in the Sai Kung territory that same day.

There was likewise allegations that Lam was deceiving the police about where he was kidnapped. Reports said police examined the CCTV video and couldn’t discover anything suspicious.

On the Facebook page of the Democratic Party, administrator Lam Cheuk-ting, censured the police for spilling data to the press. He additionally reprimanded Lee Ka-chao, Secretary for Security for saying that there was no CCTV prove that Lam had been taken away.