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Honor killing is an ostensible crime against State, Federal Minister for Human Rights asserts


Honor killing is a crime against the state, asserted Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael. In the face of rising incidents of honor killings across the country, the Federal Minister expressed grave concerns about blatant violation of human right of women and children in the country.

Ministry of Human Rights

The Federal Minister for Human Rights asserted that killing an individual in the name of honor is an ostensible crime against the state. A legislation is being drafted in order to curb the honor killings, he said. Under the new legislation, honor killing will be considered an offence against the state, with no deal acceptable.

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The Federal Minister was addressing to media in a press conference, on June 22 in Islamabad. He said that his ministry is committed to bestow basic human rights upon the downtrodden citizens of Pakistan via legislation.

He said that under the new legislation, crimes against women and children will be punishable by severe punishments, “such crimes will be unpardonable,” he maintained. At the same time, he appreciated the role of media in highlighting the plight of marginalized Pakistanis and human rights violations. It is by means of media that incidents of honor killing are brought under spotlight.

Moreover, he briefed the media that a child protection bill has been drafted, which will be presented in the National Assembly soon. “We shall abide by the international declarations of Human Rights, and in this regard all the four provinces, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan will be kept abreast,” he said.

He further added, that Human Rights violation complaint cells will be installed in all the four provinces, and the first of these cells will be start functioning on June 30, in Lahore. He detailed that there will be reforms in the substructures of jails will be put in effect based upon the recommendations of the reforms committees.