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Hopes for acquittal of Asia Bibi are high says a Christian missionary


Robert McCulloch- a missionary who has served in Pakistan for 30 years has expressed hopes for acquittal of Asia Bibi – Pakistani Christian woman on death row over charges of blasphemy. While remarking about the latest developments he said that it is likely that the Supreme Court of Pakistan may detect the loopholes in the investigations and procedural course in this case.

Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi on death row

“We are confident and hope in the acquittal of Asia Bibi. Having consulted expert lawyers in Pakistan, it is clear that the case has faults both regarding merits, in terms of evidence, and at a procedural level. The Supreme Court will recognize these faults without problems,” he said.

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Asia Bibi’s appeal case is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on October 13, Thursday. This hearing might well be decisive in this regard. McCulloch who is currently holding the position of Attorney General of the Society of Saint Columban said that the case must be seen in a broader context and efforts must be made for the repealing of the blasphemy law.

“This bill is a heavy baggage left by a dictator, that the Pakistani government inherited. The government has initiated a discussion in Parliament to correct it in order to prevent the abuses that many Pakistani citizens, Muslims, Christians and Hindus suffer. International support to the Pakistani government may be important.

The blasphemy law, as it is in force today, is detrimental to the country’s international reputation: it is therefore in the interest of the government to intervene.”

He further remarked that keeping a broader perspective: “the case of Asia Bibi, represents an opportunity for the judiciary and the government: it is in the interest of Pakistani institutions that Asia is acquitted, in order to show the world that Pakistan respects the rule of law, human rights, religious freedom. This will improve the international image of the country: a very important fact today, at a time when also the crisis of Kashmir, on the Indian border is addressed, with all international repercussions.”