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Horrified of being sold: ISIS releases photos of Christian women captives


christian women idnapped by ISIS

ISIS uploads disturbing images of three Assyrian Christian women who were abducted in February, earlier this year.

According to the Daily Mail, these three Christian women would be sold by ISIS, if their families fail to pay the ransom which the militant group demands. The three women can be seen holding pieces of paper on which their names and a date – July 27, 2015 – are written.

The militants group uploaded these images on the social media, and it is speculated that this is a message from the militant group to their families that these women will be to ISIS fighters if their families or charities do not pay ransom for their release. However, figures are mentioned on the pieces of papers the women are holding.

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The photos released by ISIS, clearly reveal a woman standing over her young daughter while she holds a sign which reads Susan Elias together with the date July 27, 2015.

Another woman who can be seen standing alone holds a sign which reads Hannaa Assaf Youssef. Whereas, the third woman is seen standing surrounded by three children but the writing on the sign she was holding could not be figured out precisely.

Iraqi Christian women kidnapped by ISIS

Christian woman kidnapped by ISIS