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Horrors Of ISIS Continue: Belgium Comes To The Rescue Of Syrian Christians


Syrian refugees rescued by Belgium

Belgium takes in Syrian Christians struck by the atrocities of ISIS.

According to details, about 240 Syrian refugees, mostly Christians, have been rescued from Aleppo. These refugees were facilitated to fly to Belgium. The government of Belgium has officially confirmed the intake of Syrians.

Most of these refugees are Christians however; Belgium is also taking in Yazidis and others who are living as refugees in Syria. All these refugees had fled their homes because of an extensive assault from the ISIS. In order to move these refugees from Syira to Belgium they were first moved out along the only open road from Aleppo to the Lebanese border.

The local Civil society groups lent a helping hand in moving them to the Lebanese border. This rescue operation took about two month meanwhile the jihadist groups continued to spread devastation in Syria. The massive assault from ISIS has almost completely parallelised life and citizens are forced to live homeless. Prior to the ISIS assault and internal civil wars, Syria had one of the largest Christian population in the entire Middle East.

On the Lebanese border, the Belgian representatives from the Embassy of Belgium in Beirut took over the custody of these refugees and ensured their safe departure. All of these refugees are now safely accommodated in Belgium. These refugees will soon be granted asylum in Belgium.

According to the Belgian Foreign Ministry spokesman, “We did it via civil society organisations which could get them out of there.” The spokesman further revealed that some of these families had connections with people already in Belgium.