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Horrors of ISIS: Syrian Christians fearful of “genocide” in the refugee camps


Syrian Christians

Syrian Christians live in fear of genocide in refugee camps, says a Christian fraternal organisation.

According to details, a Christian fraternal organisation states in an ad, that Syrian Christians are fearful of genocide in refugee camps. The organisation further said that this is due to the fact that the ISIS terrorists oftentimes target Christians in the refugee camps.

ISIS militias have not only driven Christians their homes, towns, cities but are now also won’t let them alone in exile refugee camps. Militants target them because they Christian. Seeing the gravity of the situation, Pope Francis has openly used the word “genocide” in order to illustrate what is happening with Christians in and around Iraq and Syria.

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However, amidst all the bloodshed White House has acknowledged that there is genocide of Yazidis being carried out by the ISIS militants however, the plight of Christians has been entirely overlooked in any case. While seeing this situation, it is believed that Christianity might get extinct from ancient lands. The organisation, Knights of Columbus have established a fund namely “Christians at Risk,” in order to offer unswerving assistance to the persecuted Christians from Iraq and Syria.

In this regard, the head Knight, Carl Anderson, expressed his views about the situation, which the Christians are facing in Iraq and Syria, said, “The word genocide is important because what is happening in the Middle East to Christians fits the legal and commonly understood definitions, and calling it anything less does a disservice to those who face this horrific situation. In addition, a declaration of genocide can help trigger much-needed action.”

“The key is that Christians there are sure they are not safe. And clearly there are major security issues for them. As a result, they don’t go to these camps and as a result they don’t get ‘refugee status,’ and thus visas and asylum in the West become increasingly impossible for them.”