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How Can I Tell My Children Their Mother Is Not Free? This Will Kill Them Says Husband Of Asia Bibi


Following the shocking news that the High Court in Lahore on Thursday, October 16, had confirmed the death sentence for Pakistani Christian woman, Asia Bibi, while dismissing her appeal, her husband, Ashiq Masih was said to be “weeping bitterly.”

Ashiq Masih- husband of Asia Bibi
Ashiq Masih- husband of Asia Bibi

According to a Rights activist, Ashiq Masih was “weeping bitterly” when he met him after the hearing and told him Muslim clerics attending the hearing had shouted out “blasphemer” and “kill her.”

“I have not told my children about the court decision. How can I? I am too scared of their reaction – they are already very depressed. We all were expecting her to come home and now this happens,” said Ashiq Masih.

“How can I tell my children their mother is not free? This will kill them,” he whined.