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HRFP Makes Recommendations To Government Of Pakistan


LAHORE: The Human Rights Focus in Pakistan HRFP put forth their recommendations regarding the minorities in Pakistan to the Government.

Human Rights Focus Pakistan
Human Rights Focus Pakistan

HRFP was instituted in 1994 to strive for the endorsement and fortification of human rights with exceptional focus to religious minorities, women and children in Pakistan.The organization has shown marked excellence to create awareness in the society about the fundamental human rights in general and minority rights; empowering the women wit respect to their basic human rights.


They further toil to train the human rights activists in Pakistan, educating the community and public institutions against the discriminatory laws at the same time. They aim to organize a community movement for the total repeal of laws against religious minorities, women and children additionally to ensure the basic human rights of the orphan and poor children. HRFP has been instrumental in developing the self-sustainable projects of health, education & disability in the Pakistani community.

Their recommendations are as follows:

  1. Steps should be taken to solve all the problems that minorities are facing throughout the country and according to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights all violations against minorities should be stopped immediately.
  2. All discriminatory laws against religious minorities especially (295 B/C) should be reviewed and repealed and also the fictitious use of (295B/C) should be stopped. Also the victims upon whom allegations are not yet proofed should be released.
  3. In all parts of the country, Government writ and provision of justice & protection should be ensured to the minorities particularly the forcible conversions and Islamic marriage of young minorities’ girls and women should be stopped.
  4. Articles of Constitution of Pakistan 2, 2-A AND 41 (2-B) should be amended otherwise minorities will protest against the constitution.
  5. To provide equal citizenship rights to minorities such practical steps and mechanism should be ensured that will provide easy access to Justice, Restoration and Protection to the minorities.
  6. The Government should disclose investigation reports on the incidents of violations and attacks on the minorities particularly Shanti Nagar 1997, Bahawalpur attack on Church 2001, Sanghalla Hill 2005, incident of Gojra, Korian & Bamini Wala 2009, Joseph Colony (Badami Bagh) Lahore 2013, Francis-abad, Gujranwala 2013 and recent incidents of Hazara Quetta and all extremists’ elements who involved in such incidents should be exposed off.
  7. In the political process according to the democratic values the Government should give representation to minorities in provincial and national assembly according to their actual population.
  8. In the text book of academic syllabus all negative chapters and references against the minorities should be eliminated that is creating negative impression in the minds of new generation against the minorities.
  9. The Government should provide assistance to the religious minorities for visiting their sacred religious places either Hindu go to India or Christians go to Italy or Israel.