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Human Rights Commission takes notice of non payment of salaries to sanitary workers in CDA


Human Rights Commission takes notice of non-payment of salaries of sanitary workers in CDA. Justice Ali Nawaaz Chauhan, Chairman of the Human Rights Commission has expressed sympathies with these side lined CDA workers. While, Director CDA apologized for the non-payments and pledged to ensure payment of their salaries till Friday, May 20.

J Salik protesting in front of Human Rights Commission Islamabad

The sanitary workers employed in Capital Development Authority CDA, have been deprived of salaries since last three months. Majority of these workers are Christians, and come from underprivileged families. Followed by protest in front of CDA office in Islamabad, the sanitary workers who were joined by Julius Salik, Convener World Minorities Alliance, staged a protest in front of the Human Rights Commission Pakistan.

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In keeping with a press release issued by Julius Salik, the sanitary workers protested for about three hours under the scorching sun after which the Director of CDA offered apologies to these sanitary workers and stated, “ If in future, the CDA Sanitary workers are not paid their salaries in time, I will quite as the Chairman CDA.”

Followed by assurance from the director CDA, the protest was called off. While at the same time, the Chairman of Human Rights Commission, took notice of the incident and expressed grief and anger over the indifference displayed by CDA over this issue.

On the other hand, while speaking with the media during the protest, J Salik said “Sanitary workers leave their houses early at dawn and clean the entire city. In doing so, they do not even care for their own health as they come in contact with refuse of the city.”

They are not even offered the medical treatment facility by CDA, he went on to say. “It is a shameful act that these workers have not been paid since past three months, and we call ourselves a Nuclear power. You call yourselves international competitors while at the same time you do not pay even the trifle amount of 10,000 to 12,000 on due time.

“If only a month’ salary is withheld, the entire household suffers. Imagine the conditions of houses of these poor workers who are already making both ends meet by great difficulty are deprived of their salaries since last three months.”

He said that these workers have been robbed of their rights by privatizing the sanitation department of CDA. However, now they are being humiliated and this is a blatant expression of hate towards Christians because only the sanitation department has been privatized in CDA.