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Human Rights Day: Asian Human Rights Commission Outlines 2013 For Pakistan


The Asian Human Rights Commission releases a statement concerning the predicament of Human Rights in Pakistan in the year 2013 on Human Rights Day.

Human Rights Day to be observed on Dec 10
Human Rights Day to be observed on Dec 10

All the way through 2013, the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has been documenting how too many lives, and the solemnity of those living, have been snatched by a cold state and brutal cruelty in Pakistan. The AHRC’s State of Human Rights Report in Pakistan, 2013, released to mark Human Rights Day observed on 10th of December picking up on the year in Pakistan, inspecting the largely decisive factors that influence the lives of all its citizens.

An extract from the statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission on Human Rights Day is presented below:

 Appeasement for hardliners means religious minorities are harassed and killed daily. Leaders and spokesmen from banned organisations, some internationally wanted, are allowed to make hate fuelled speeches in public. The government has arrested thousands of alleged extremists over the past four years, but there have been no successful prosecutions due to lack of proper witness protection and half-hearted attempts by the prosecutors. These criminal elements now utilize the weaknesses of the law to their own benefit and collect public donations but are not arrested for fear of upsetting extremist groups. In spite of the constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion, minority groups are not protected. Targeted attacks of the Shiites take place in daylight and on public roads in the presence of uniformed personnel; every year, around 200 Shiites are killed in this manner. The groups that claim responsibility for these killings move freely and even have offices in major cities. The Ahmadis are also frequently targeted for their belief, their places of worship are attacked and they are not allowed to carry out their religious observances. Religious fanatics who rape and abuse Christians and Hindus with no fear of consequence or reprisal consider the women of these communities free game. Harassment, forced marriage, and forced conversions of both Christian and Hindu women to Islam is common. When victims do manage to reach the courts, judges rule in favour of their abductors, who are equally supported by religious fundamentalists. This Religious discrimination is forcing native Pakistani Hindus to flee their homeland.


Killing by Numbers:

Data compiled by AHRC (from January to November 28, 2013):

Sectarian Violence & Target Killings:

  1. Total Attacks: 491
  2. Killed: 2350
  3. Injured: 3786

Terrorist Attacks:

  1. Total Attacks: 250
  2. Killed: 2286
  3. Injured: 1609
    1. Suicide Attacks:

      1. Total Attacks: 38
      2. Killed: 820
      3. Injured: 1445

      Drone Attacks:

      1. Total Attacks: 25
      2. Killed: 188
      3. Injured: 160

      Total Attack Incidents & Killings:

      1. Total incidents: 804
      2. Total killings: 7170
      3. Total injuries: 8746