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Human Rights Focus Pakistan heaps condemnation upon Khushal Town turmoil in Faisalabad


Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) has rigorously condemned surging Christian persecution in Pakistan, in the context of recent anti-Christians violence in Faisalabad’s Khushal Town neighborhood. Several Christians including women and children were injured as a result of the attack. During a press conference the HRFP President, along with some victims condemned the incident as they urged the government to take action against the perpetrators of inciting sectarian strife.

Christians beaten in Faisalabad

Addressing the press conference President of HRFP Naveed Walter urged the government to bring the assailants to justice. At this occasion, residents of Khushal Town who had sustained injuries as a result of the assault were also present. Those accompanying Naveed Walter included some of the victims, Emmanuel Masih, Nadir Shan, Shamshair Masih, Laveeza bibi along with complainant of the incident Pervaiz Masih.

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HRFP President Naveed Walter stated that the FIR was registered after a week’s delay, on August 24 owing to the delaying tactics of
the police. He said that victims will get healed but this is not a long-lasting solution to the problem. Even the FIR is filed, religious discrimination will not be eradicated from our society. The government must chalk out an efficacious policy in order to do away with the discriminatory laws and practices from the society.

The victims complained of continuous threats from the assailants who are harassing them to leave the neighborhood or else face dire consequences. Laveeza bibi and Emmanuel Masih stated that on August 19, a mob armed with weapons, iron rods and wooden sticks attacked Christians’ houses. They were chanting insulting slogans against Christians and yelled Christians “Come out of Your Houses, We will teach you a lesson.”

They told the media that several Christian families fled the neighborhood, and those who failed to escape were subjected to excruciating torture. Another victim, Shamshair Masih stated that a local resident Adnan Masih’s motorcycle slightly strike with the brother-in-law of local influential man; the road accident resulted in Christian-Muslim conflict. After half-an hour, the culprits attacked the Christians’ houses generating a wave of fear among the local Christian community.