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Human Rights Minister calls on Christian family tortured over refusing to convert


Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael calls on the Christian family tortured over their refusal to convert to Islam. The victims are residents of Christian Samanyala village in Punjab province. They were later moved to an undisclosed location by a Christian advocacy group British Pakistani Christian Association.

Persecution of Christians in Pakistan

Arif Masih and family made both ends meet by toiling at a local brick kiln. On September 15, the down trodden family were purportedly bashed for refusing to convert. The attackers hurled two plain choices at them- either to convert or die. A group of six including women stormed into their house and caught the incumbents sleeping. They started yelling at the Christians including Arif Masih, his wife, six daughters and two sons saying they must convert. However, the victims refused to renounce Christianity. The assailants blindfolded them, and started bashing them but were unable to deter their firm stance.

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Seeing their efforts bearing no fruit the assailants left but forcefully took one son and a daughter along with them. The victims were brought to an unknown location where the girl was subjected to gang rape while the boy was heinously tortured hoping that the two would convert. The boy mange dot break free, however the girl is still in their custody and her location is still not known.

Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael has taken up the task to recover the missing Christian girl. He is scheduled to visit Kasur this week and monitor the legal procedure in this case. He will be accompanied with Arif Masih, during this visit as the Rights Minister will meet with the concerned police officials and direct them for speedy inquiry into the incident. “I will make sure that justice is provided to the victimized family,” he stated.