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Hungarian police used tear gas to keep away the migrants breaking through the sealed border


Hungary border

Hungarian riot police used tear gas and water cannons on migrants at the Hungary-Serbia border when a group of migrants tried to break through a barrier trying to enter the European Union.

On Wednesday, September 16, a group of migrants tried to sneak into Hungary despite Hungary has sealed its border with Serbia a day before to avoid incoming of migrants.

However, due to the border of Hungary being sealed off, the frustrated migrants who are apparently fleeing violence in the Middle East, were barred form entering the country by razor-wire fence. It is worth mentioning that Hungary is a member of the European Union, while Serbia is currently not an EU member.

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The stand off began peacefully initially, while the migrants kept chanting open the door. However, situation became tense when some of the migrants ultimately warned Hungarian authorities to open the gate within two hours or else they would break through. Consequently, when the migrants tried to break through the sealed border the Hungarian security forces, responded with the tear gas and water cannons.

On the other hand, Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said that Hungarian forces were forced to respond when the situation became tense as the young men among the migrants who were armed with sticks and stones tried to enter the country.