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Hungary says it is saving Europe’s “Christian values” by shutting borders for the Muslim migrants


Refugee crisis in europe

Hungary completely shuts land route for migrants pouring into European Union.

According to details, Hungary’s government has absolutely shut up the major land route for migrants into the European Union, in an effort to close down the influx of refugees.

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, is one of those who strongly oppose mass immigration into Europe, has said that he is acting to save Europe’s “Christian values” by means of blocking the major overland route which is mainly used by the y Muslim refugees. These Muslim refugees travel through the Balkans and cross Hungary primarily to reach Germany or Sweden.

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Moreover, Hungarian officials have stated that they had already denied 16 asylum claims straightaway within hours while additional 32 asylum claims by these refugees. At the same time as, the Hungarian police have arrested 174 migrants who were trying to sneak across the border.

In recent past, the EU interior ministers, had all failed to agree in the previous meeting on the quota system as suggested by Germany. They will meet again on September 22.On the other hand, the US President Barack Obama stated that the migrant crisis had deteriorated which duly requires a cooperated effort from Europe and the United States. “The United States feels it is important … to also take our share of Syrian refugees as part of this overall humanitarian effort.”

Hungary claims that under its new rules, certainly Serbia was “safe”, for the refugees and therefore Hungary repeatedly started denying asylum claims straightaway at the border. “If someone is a refugee, we will ask them whether they have submitted an asylum request in Serbia. If they had not done so, given that Serbia is a safe country, they will be rejected,” Orban said.

Hungarian PM Orban says that by adding force to the EU’s external border the Hungarian government is simply enforcing EU rules. He further added that none of the countries are obligated to take in refugees that pass through these safe states.