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Hungary seals borders saying it is preserving “prosperity, security and Christian values of Europe”


Hungary borders

Hungary seals off its borders completely for the refugees, says it is preserving the Christian values.

According to details, Europe’s split response towards the refugee influx become more evident by Hungary’s step of completely closing it’s borders. As a result of the closure of Hungarian borders, the refugees are being diverted to Slovenia.

Recently the first bus bustling with migrants arrived at a Slovenian border crossing with Croatia on Saturday October 17, after Hungary sealed its border with Croatia late on Friday, October 16 causing the migrants to be diverted towards Slovenia.

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In keeping with details, Hungarian border forces have installed a steel fence along the length of Hungary’s entire southern boundary with Serbia and Croatia. Hungary maintains that it is constrained to protect the European Union borders from the incoming refugees who are for the most part Muslims. Hungary further claims that in doing so it is preserving the “prosperity, security and Christian values of Europe.”

With the closure of Hungary’s border with Croatia thousands of refugees including women and small children who were soaked in cold rain farther west toward Croatia’s border with Slovenia. The incoming refugees were redirected to Croatia after Hungary shut its borders.

Hungary which is a small European Union-member state shows restricted ability to process large numbers of refugee registrations. The refugees wishing to enter Hungary move toward richer European Union countries such as Germany, Austria or Sweden.

Hungary’s move to preserve Europe’s Christian values can leave thousands of refugees stranded in Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia. The Hungarian border shutting is the latest expression of EU’s inept response to the massive flow of migrants reaching EU’s borders.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, on Friday October 16, announced the decision to close the Hungarian borders after a meeting of the national security cabinet. “The Hungarian government has taken the steps to protect the internal European freedoms and the security of the citizens of Hungary and Europe,” Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs stated just few minutes after the border shutdown.

Hungary’s government decided to shut down its borders after EU leaders who met in Brussels just a day before; failed to agree on a plan to dispatch EU forces to obstruct the migrants flow from reaching Greece. This plan was backed by Hungary. “We know that this is not the best, but only the second-best solution,” Peter Szijjarto said.