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Hungary takes imperative steps to help persecuted Christians from the Middle East


Hungary has taken up the task to succor the dejected and persecuted Christians from the Middle East. For this reason a new department has been created, which would be assigned with the chore of helping the persecuted Christians from Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Hungary has allotted $3.35 million to this department.

Christians persecuted in Middle East

Eduard von Habsburg-Hungarian ambassador to the Holy See has confirmed the news stating that “Hungary has been silently working in the Middle East for years in the danger spots. This is the prolongation of a policy that’s been in place for a long time.”

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In the wake of the announcement, persecuted Christians will get benefited. Before 2003, the Christian population in Iraq was over a million, recent time this number has nose-dived to about 400,000- there are claims that the real number is probably even lower. On the other hand, in Syria, entire Christian communities have been vanished, especially in the city of Aleppo. In Aleppo, hundreds of Christians have already perished as a result of the violence and conflicts.

Hungarian ambassador further stated that the decision to create a special department for this cause was came after the Hungarian Premier, Viktor Orbán and Hungarian Minister of Human Resources, Zoltán Balog’s meeting with the Pope in August. “What’s interesting is that these are both Calvinists, and both are people of faith.”

The Hungarian Ambassador reiterated their commitment to aiding and succoring the persecuted Christians. “Hungary considers itself Christian, and is interested in the situation of Christians all around the world. It wants to extend a helping hand,” Habsburg said.

Nonetheless, it’s not clear yet how the newly created department will operate but the procedure will be chalked out in consultation with the Christians from the Middle East. “Somehow the idea of defending Christians has acquired a bad taste in Europe, as if it means excluding other people,” Habsburg said.

He further asserted that one possible solution to the crisis is by endorsing stability and religious tolerance in the Middle East. Only then the Christians will not have to flee, “This may not be a permanent solution in itself, but the best strategy is to deal with the situation where people are coming from, which will mean less need for fences in Europe,” Habsburg said.