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Hurricane Irma downsized to a ‘tropical storm’ as it grinds across Florida


Deadly Hurricane Irma has weakened to “tropical storm” as it continues to hover northwards across Florida. Winds of 85 mph winds lashed everything in their way in northern Florida after wreaking havoc in south.
Hurricane Irma has thus far inundated several streets and knocked down power supply to millions across the state.

Hurricane Irma hits Florida

In line with the he National Hurricane Center (NHC) Irma would continue to move northwards, and reach southeastern United States late Monday and Tuesday.

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It has been reported that four people have lost their lives across southern Florida in road accidents. As of trail of destruction Irma has left in Caribbean, dozens have lost their lives. In Southeast bout 7 million people were warned and advised to evacuate. 6.4 million in Florida were among these 7 million who were asked to evacuate.

Weathermen warn, tropical Storm Irma is progressively losing its power as the National Hurricane Center has ceased issuing warning of a hurricane instead they warn of a tropical storm. Irma’s maximum sustained winds have weakened to 65 mph as the storm was said to be moving north northwest at 17 mph.

Despite the fact that Irma has been downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm, still millions of affected people have been robbed of power supply. Police and the National Guard continue to carry out their search-and-rescue operations across Florida.

In the thick of natural catastrophe several problems such as fuel shortages, inundation, fallen trees, drowned power supply lines, thumping winds and blocked roadways are hampering the recovery operations. Governor Rick Scott has warned people to stay vigilant. “We have got to make sure people understand it is still dangerous. Everybody has got to be patient as we work through this.”