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Husband, daughter of Asia Bibi narrate her ordeal in New York


Daughter and husband of Pakistani Christian woman, on death row over blasphemy accusations narrate her ordeal at the United Nations in New York. Eisham Ashiq- daughter of Asia Bibi along with her father Ashiq Masih attended the #WeareN conference in the USA.

Asia Bibi blasphemy law

On April 30, Eisham and Ashiq Masih, told the audience about the plight of Asia Bibi who is currently languishing behind in bars in Pakistan. They were attending the #WeareN2016 Congress held in New York. The Holy See’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations and CitizenGo organized this event in collaboration with In Defense of Christians (IDC).

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Political and religious leaders from all across the globe attended this three day conference. At this occasion, Christians and Yazidis who have been victims of persecution in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and Pakistan were also present. They narrated tales of their ordeals while facing the brunt of the violence in their homelands.

The event hit the road, with a group discussion at the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Chamber of the United Nations. Furthermore, board member of In Defense of Christians- Dr. Thomas Farr talked about defending victims of persecution along with promoting religious freedom worldwide. He also addressed the issue of worst humanitarian crisis ever since the World War II that has engulfed the Middle East presently.

Dr. Farr, during his address, further explained that the dismal conditions of the Christians and other religious minorities, in Iraq and Syria. He said that these are powerless to make both ends meet and provide for their families. “Those of us with the resources and capacity must do something. Think of this as a field hospital, we must act to ensure the patient has a way to live,” he said.

“The stakes involve the very survival of Christianity and pluralism in Iraq and Syria. To ensure their survival, the international community must consider the establishment of an autonomous, multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic safe zone.” Dr. Farr said that a zone of this kind would be a safe place to the battered minorities in the region.

After attending the event, Eisham and Ashiq Masih met with the Pakistani Christian Association USA- Chairman William Shahzad along with James Cyprian, Advocate Jalil and others over a dinner. Eisham and Ashiq Masih flew back to Pakistan on May 1.