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Hyderabad: Christian employees of HDA rail at authorities about withheld payments


Christian employees of Hyderabad Development Authority (HDA) vexed over non-payment of their salaries from last four months. These annoyed employees complained that their salaries were not paid even at the occasion of Christmas. In this connection a protest was organized by the employees and local leaders calling for immediate dispensation of their rightful payments.

Hyderabad Development Authoriity

On January 10, Tuesday agitated employees of HAD along with social and local leaders gathered in front of Hyderabad Press Club and raised voices against the injustice and discriminatory treatment towards them. Christian social worker and rights activist Advocate Sooba Bhatti who participated in this protest said that HAD has acted like a step mother and withheld the salaries of Christian employees even at Christmas.

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Advocate Sooba Bhatti was accompanied by Mehboob Ali Qureshi-Labor Union Leader, Muhammad Aslam Abassi, Rasheed Sheikh, William Innayt, Muhammad Azam, Javed Shah and other leaders from labor union.

While protesting about the injustice the laborers brought forth a rally and chanted slogans against the Hyderabad Development Authority, calling for payments of their salaries. “Remove HDA Director General at once,” they demanded. They upheld the unity among laborers and said that all laborers are brothers.

“Save HAD, get rid of Director General,” they chanted. They said that they will strive for the betterment of laborers of Hyderabad Development Authority. During the protest they put forth their demands, calling for payments of salaries of HAD employees right the beginning of every month. “All employees from Grade 1-15 must be paid at first day of every month, payments must be made via Sindh Government Treasury.”

They called for restoration of contract based laborers to their jobs. They claimed that permanent employees have not been paid since last four months while the pensioners have not received their pensions since last four months while contract based employees have not had their salaries since last five months.

They said that employees should be promoted to the posts vacant while the labor sites posts must be increased as per need. They demanded that the contract based employees must be regularized. The participants of the rally called upon the Chief Minister of Sindh and Commissioner of Hyderabad to notice of the injustice on part of the HDA authorities.

They said if their demands were not met with, they will stage a protest in front of the Civil Centre, they warned that if the authorities fail to satisfy their needs, they will be left with no other option but to thwart the sewerage system of entire Hyderabad city. They said that HAD authorities will be responsible for the chaos resulting from sewerage shut down. Christian employees said that non-payment of their salaries has caused trouble to them and their families.