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Hyderabad: Christian sanitary worker battered following fabricated blasphemy accusations


56-year-old Yaqoob Masih was tortured inhumanely after being accused of committing blasphemy. On July 14, the complainant Imam Bakhsh a Muslim watchman of a house brought allegations of blasphemy against Yaqoob, who is a sanitary worker by profession. The complainant claimed that Yaqoob had burned pages containing verses from the Islamic holy book Quran.

Pakistani Christian beaten over blasphemy accusations

The complainant maintained that the pages were found in a heap of garbage which was set on fire by Yaqoob. On July 14, Thursday, Yaqoob was cleaning the streets in Latifabad, a residential area in Hyderabad. He gathered the trash and dumped it at a specific site. Yaqoob incinerated the heap of trash, while Imam Bakhsh started bashing Yaqoob claiming he had dumped pages carrying Quranic verses in the heap.

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Without authenticating, Imam started thrashing Yaqoob, which left the sanitary worker severely injured. He sustained injuries on head, neck and both elbows and was hospitalized where medical treatment was administered to him.

Police showed reluctance in registering an FIR against Yaqoob Masih, because they did not find any substantial evidence backing Imam Bakhsh’s allegations. Moreover, the complainant Imam Bakhsh was detained by the police and was interrogated on charges of inciting religious hatred.