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Hyderabad: Christians flee from their neighborhood after their women chased and harassed by influential locals


Christians in a Hyderabad neighborhood flee from their houses after increased incidents of harassment and chasing of their women. Some brats have been pestering Christian women and girls of the locality, which has left Christian residents in fright and panic. The incident took place in Latifabad, a Christian neighborhood in Hyderabad.

Christian girls harassed in Hyderabad, Pakistan

It has been several times now, that brats have chased young Christian girls and women to their neighborhood trying to harass them. Many a times, these urchins even tried to forcefully enter their houses, when denied entry they fired at their houses. Christians of Latifabad said that they have informed the police about the incidents but no action has been taken against the culprits.

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Instead of arresting the culprits, the police hooked few Christians from the locality and registered fabricated cases against them, which added to the quandary of the Christians. Seeing no other route, Christians staged a protest against the recklessness of the police in the scenario and against the brats who chase and harass Christian women.

This demonstration started from the Old Campus to Hyderabad Press Club, on Sunday June 19. Christians assembled and made their fears and concerns known under the leadership of Nazir Masih, Boota Imtiaz, Mahmood Kala and Pervez Bhatti. The aghast-filled protesters told the media that adherents of urban political party were chasing their women and girls and harassing them.

The appalled Christians said that some of the residents of the Christian locality have even fled from their houses anticipating trouble. They urged the authorities to take action against the perpetrators, and provide them security especially for Christian girls and women. They insisted that Christians who have been hooked by the police over fake charges should be released and acquitted. “We are thinking of migrating from Latifabad,” they said.