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Hyderabad: “Garbage throwing” foments trouble for a dirt-poor Christian family


A Christian namely Vicky Nasir and family landed into deep trouble when workers of filter plant and miscreants waged war against them. Purportedly, Vicky threw garbage in an open plot nearby his house; this plot is adjacent to the filter plant. The filter plant workers objected to Vicky’ action which resulted gradually augmented into a brawl.

Christian family attacked by Muslims in Hyderabad

The incident took place on June 18, around 4:00 pm,when Vicky and the filter plant workers got engaged in a brawl, the 24-year-old, Christian who is a rickshaw driver was chased away by the filter workers to his house. Meanwhile, some of the other miscreants of the area also joined in a mob of about 25 to 30 people attacked at his house.

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They broke into his house and started bashing Vicky, not even sparing his mother and sisters. Despite the fact that Vicky’ brother-in-law tried to help him, the attackers overpowered both of them. What is more, the miscreants started bashing his sister and tore clothes of one of his sister, seeing which Vicky resorted to aerial firing in order to thwart the sexual assault at his sister. Three of the miscreants got hit by the gunshots, and were wounded.

Consequently, an FIR no. 53/2016 including charges invoking Sections 324, 147 and 148, Pakistan Penal Code was registered against Vicky and four other Christians. Vicky Nasir and his brother-in-law, Lavi Masih were hooked by the police same day. The other three respondents in the case are Faryad Masih, Aslam Masih and Sona Masih.

The miscreants fabricated false accusations against Vicky Nasir saying, he did not revere the Islamic prayers (Namaz). They claimed, that Vicky had played music on his rickshaw’ sound system in a loud voice at the time of Islamic prayers. They claim that Vicky turned violent when they requested him to lower the volume of the music because it was prayer time, because the music was disturbing those offering prayers nearby. According to their version, after the argumentation, Vicky retreated to his house and started firing at those who had barred him from playing music.

The Christian family maintains that there is no sound system in Vicky’s rickshaw. They say that Vicky and other Christians are being entangled into a false case. They add that the incident took place at 4:00 pm, which is not the time of Islamic prayers. They say that some miscreants are trying to create a hype out of a trivial issue, in order to pester the Christians of the area.