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Hyderabad: Investigations reveal man accusing Christian sanitary worker of blasphemy was mentally deranged


Christian legal expert Advocate Sooba Bhatti conducted a probe into fallacious blasphemy accusation on a Christian sanitary worker Yaqoob Masih. In keeping with his report, 59-years-old, Yaqoob is resident of Joseph Christian colony Unit No. 10 Latifabad Hyderabad, Sindh. He is an employee of Taluka Municipal Administration (TMA) Latifabad Hyderabad.

Christians sanitary worker falsely accused of blasphemy

Advocate Sooba Bhatti, in his fact-finding report said that the incident happened on July 15 at 6:30 am. Yaqoob who was on his way to perform his routine duties came across a 43-year-old, mentally deranged man who was beating another man on the road. When the ferocious assaulter saw Yaqoob he started bashing him while yelling, “Bhangi.”

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The attacker soon hurled blasphemy accusations at Yaqoob claiming he saw him mixing Quranic pages with the trash. All the while, Yaqoob kept on insisting of his guiltlessness and was terrified. Soon people started gathering from all around and barred the insane man from beating Yaqoob.

Advocate Sooba Bhatti confirms in his report that the local Muslim residents stated about Yaqoob’s innocence and verified that he had been working in the area since past 40 years. Locals hooked the unknown accuser and informed the police about the incident. Within few minutes police arrived and the accuser was arrested.

During police custody, the unknown accuser was interrogated but was unable to answer any of the questions. When Yaqoob Masih was asked to register a complaint against the assaulter, he declined saying he was a poor Christian man, and did not want to pursue a case against the attacker. Later, police sent Yaqoob to Bhatai Hospital, where he received necessary medical treatment. The mentally deranged man was sent to a psychiatric hospital for examination and treatment.

While talking with Advocate Sooba Bhatti, Yaqoob Masih said that he was greatly thankful to God, local Muslims and the police who upheld his innocence and spared him. Nonetheless, Yaqoob is fearful of another assault from the same mentally deranged man.