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Hyderabad Municipality’s minorities’ workers whine about unduly extended contract based status


Minorities’ workers of Hyderabad and interior Sindh face unduly extended contract statuses whereas their regularization is overdue. Christian lawyer and human rights activist Advocate Sooba Bhatti has raised voice over this issue; terming it as biasness towards religious minorities.

Pakistani Christian sanitary workers

In a social media statement, Advocate Sooba Bhatti stated that Hyderabad Municipality especially in interior Sindh had hired minorities’ workers on contract basis who have now long pass the time of legitimate regularization; however their regularization has been delayed. He said that these down trodden workers include Christians primarily.

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He also claimed that Muslim workers who were hired at the same time have been regularized while some of them are enjoying the salary without even working on daily basis. “They are enjoying salary and other privileges without working,” he grumbled.

In a staunch appeal from the concerned authorities, he said that the workers denied of their legitimate right of regularization must be regularized so that they may enjoy due privileges. “We want justice for the minorities’ workers of the Hyderabad Municipality,” he demanded.

He further delineated that they had been serving from a prolonged periods such as five to fifteen years nonetheless, they had not been granted the status of regular workers. They still toil for a meager salary of ten thousand Rupees, despite they had been associated with the municipality since many years.