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Hyderabad: Residents of Christian Colony helpless against encroachment mafia


Christian residents of Hyderabad’s Christian Colony remain apprehensive as the encroachment mafia wages full fledge war against the properties of Christians. Details emerged that the mafia has seized properties of the Christians in Christian Colony- a predominantly Christian neighborhood in Latifabad number 6 in Hyderabad city.

Christian Colony in Hyderabad

Christian social activist Advocate Sooba Bhatti in a social media statement detailed that there are about 300 families nestled in Christian Colony. On February 1, around 4 in the evening the encroachment mafia started pasting pamphlets on the walls of the houses of the Christians; maintain that the neighborhood will be demolished.

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Moreover, the vandals had painted black signs on the houses of Christians. These pamphlets had left Christian residents in fear, who remain uncertain about their future in the neighborhood. Following the incident, local Christians went to Municipality office however, they were not provided with satisfactory answers.

Consequently, local Christians Ruffen Wilson and Advocate Sooba Bhatti held a meeting with Christian and Muslim leaders in order to sort out the problem. The participants of the meeting discussed a course of action in order to solve the problem. They formed a legal committee including Advocate Sooba Bhatti and Ruffen Wilson, followed by formation of regional and action committees.

These committees will be collecting data of the Christians who had suffered from encroachment. Legal committee will meet Directors and Commissioner of Hyderabad and bring the matter into their attention. The committee will also be reviewing the current situation and present maps and legal documents of the neighborhood.

The legal committee will then present a report on the current situation of the victims of the encroachment mafia. This report will later be presented to the government urging for action against the perpetrators.