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Hyderabad: Saint Elizabeth Catholic Hospital provides “best possible care at lowest possible cost” to cancer patients


Hyderabad’ Saint Elizabeth Catholic Hospital plays an instrumental part in serving the cancer patients. The hospital houses a special unit for the treatment and care of patients suffering from cancer. The hospital is offering cancer treatment at the lowest possible cost as possible.

Saint Elizabeth Hospital Hyderabad

Saint Elizabeth Hospital houses a special unit for the treatment of cancer patients; this unit endows underprivileged patients with tranquilizing care to the cancer patients, applying the pain control therapy. This unit has started operation just recently, and being the first ever to administer pain control therapy, in order to treat the cancer patients.

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The hospital was established in 1958, and has been providing treatment since then. Saint Elizabeth Hospital is a valued institution for many cities of Sindh province and all through Pakistan. The hospital “provides the best possible care at the lowest possible cost.” About 40,000 patients are being administered treatment each year.

The patients being administered medical treatment involve not only the Christians but also the Muslims, Hindus and others. The hospital accommodates state of the art machinery. Father Robert Mc Culloch- Missionary from St. Columban says: “And above all takes care of the needy, rural communities, those who have socio-economic problems, poor families.” Father Mc Culloch has been serving for over 30 years in Pakistan, who has chaired the administration Council of the hospital.

Father Mc Culloch has been actively supporting medical outreach program and has been promoting the establishment of the first center for palliative care in Pakistan, providing treatment to the terminally ill patients even at home. “Catholic Doctors and nurses establish relations of cordiality and good will” he says.

“Thanks to the care and the work of the hospital, the Church of Pakistan is seen not as a foreign body in society, but as a community that is an integral part, that helps to cure wounds: This work helps to improve relations of peace, dialogue and harmony in society,” Father Mc Culloch explains.

Margaret Adamson- Australian High Commissioner for Pakistan recently paid a visit to the hospital. Margaret Adamson expressed a renewed pledge of support, for furtherance of the building and updated equipment, as she said that Saint Elizabeth Hospital is a place of “significant service to the common good in Pakistan.”