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Hyderabad’s Christian leaders hail retired Justice Hani’s visit to minority graveyard


Hyderabad’s Christian leaders appreciate visit of Chairman of Judicial water commission to the Tando Yousuf graveyard for minorities. This historic graveyard has suffered mass deterioration due to sanitation problems. Local Christian and Hindu communities had been urging the concerned authorities since long to take action in order to restore the graveyard.

Christians' graveyard flooded by sewerage

Chairman Judicial Water Commission Justice (retired) Amir Muslim Hani paid a visit to the Tando Yousuf minority graveyard and inspected the conditions of the graveyard. After inspecting the graveyard, Justice (retired) Hani directed the Mayor of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation to take action in this regard. Mayor was directed to carry out the sanitation work at the graveyard. Justice Hani also directed the Mayor to start construction of the boundary wall around the graveyard.

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Following this, leaders of local Christian and Hindu communities issued a statement expressing appreciation and gratefulness towards the positive development. Imtiaz Boota-Chairman of the Tando Yousuf Minority graveyard committee, Hans Raj Norang Advocate- General secretary Raja, Wilson Baga, Dr. Gulzar Gill, Nasreen Masih, Ramesh Papoo, Dr. Mithoo Rana, Dr. Amarshi Thakur, Dr. Babu Lal, Ashfaq Bhatti, , Khalid Gill, Tariq Bhatti, Irfan Khokhar, Wasim Izak, Chandoo Ram, Chetram, Danish Yakoob, Younis Gill, Parvez Khokhar.

Local councilors from minorities communities also lauded the active response of Justice Hani on the issue of the problems posed to the minorities’ graveyard. The graveyard has deteriorated to such an extent that it has become almost impossible to bury the dead owing to the fact that there are heaps of garbage and filth all around the graveyard.

Local minorities’ leaders expressed hope that after the issuance of directive, Hyderabad Municipal Corporation will take swift action in this regard. They said that the HMC must immediately carry out the directed work of constructing boundary wall around the graveyard and carry out the sanitation work as well.

The graveyard has suffered inundation due to poor sanitary and drainage system. This inundation has caused desecration of the graves as well as causing filth. For this purpose, local Christian and Hindus had been urging the authorities to take notice of the condition of the graveyard. For this reason, minorities’ members also staged a hunger strike last year.