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“I am certain she will be acquitted”: Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minorities’ Affairs anticipates Asia Bibi’s absolution from the sentence


In the middle of aroused anticipation and prayers for the release and acquittal of Asia Bibi from capital sentence, Provincial Minister for human rights and minorities’ affairs Khalil Tahir Sandhu has voiced unyielding hope for exoneration of Christian woman convicted of blasphemy. His statement comes following confirmation of case hearing date from the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Khalil Tahir Sandhu hopeful for Asia Bibi's release

Anticipating a case hearing date in second week of October, Christians are anxious about the outcome of the case, there are different speculations. “I can say that her ordeal is almost over. Her hearing before the Supreme Court is due to take place in the month of October,” Khalil Tahir said. When asked about his aspirations he was quick to state: “I am certain she will be acquitted.”

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Being a lawyer as well, Khalil Tahir had studied the Christian appellant’s case in detail. “I have studied her case in detail and given the elements in Asia’s favor, I predict there is going to be an acquittal. I want to be in court to follow the hearing in person, in an institutional capacity as a representative of the provincial government.”

The minister remains hopeful of favorable outcome of the appeal case; he said that he is persuaded that there is palpable lack of weighty evidence against her, which would be a plus point for the appellant. “Briefly, I can say that the accusations have obviously been fabricated. The prosecution has insufficient evidence.”

He further went on to expound: “First of all, the main accuser, the imam, who reported Asia, was not present when the alleged act of blasphemy was committed. In addition, there is a five-day gap between the incident and the day it was reported to the police, which contradicts one of the key principles of criminal justice. This supports the conspiracy hypothesis. We will do everything we can to save Asia. I pray the rosary for her every day: God will also help us.”