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“I am devastated” says mother of a Christian girl abducted from Lahore’ Bahar Colony


53-year old, Musarat Mushtaq, tattered mother of Christian abductee Marriam Mushtaq, says she has been devastated by this incident. On May 12, Marriam was taken away by three masked men on gunpoint. Two days after her abduction Mussarat Mushtaq received a phone call from the police station informing her that her daughter Marriam had converted to Islam and has married a Muslim man namely Muhammad Ali. Nonetheless, Mussarat is not willing to accept that her daughter could marry a Muslim on her will.

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The low-spirited Christian mother while speaking with Shamim Masih a representative of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said: “Three years ago my husband died of cancer, two years ago Maryam’s sister died. Now kidnappers have taken away my daughter, I am devastated.”

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“Maryam was a good intelligent hard working girl; she went back to college to improve her chances for employment so that she could support her family. The kidnappers have destroyed her future. Maryam had a good relationship with her brother Romail and remaining sister Khusboo (23 years), they would know if she had been interested in this man.

“None of them have ever even seen him before. Maryam like the rest of us attends church every week there is no way she would give up her whole life and salvation to marry a Muslim man. Jesus has always been the center of her life.”

When Shamim Masih met with the investigating police officer Muhammed Razaq, he assured him that this case will not be neglected by the police. Muhammad Razaq said, “Police are following through on a kidnap and forced marriage charges and are bringing Maryam and Muhammed Ali to the local court in the next few days, for an initial hearing.”

While further revealing about the current status of the case, Muhammad Razaq said, “However Maryam has not been removed from the clutches of Muhammed Ali and it is feared she will be coerced into stating she is in a lawful marriage. The fact that she has been found so quickly is advantageous as the pressure applied by the abductors will be minimal; moreover the daylight abduction yielded a number of material witnesses.”