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I am innocent, I believe God will provide justice to me says, a Pakistani Christian blasphemy convict


Pakistani jail

Blasphemy convict Pakistani Christian declares faith in God, despite despair and prolonged ordeal behind the bars.

In line with details, Sajjad Masih, who had been awarded a life imprisonment punishment for allegedly committing blasphemy by sending blasphemous text messages declared faith in God, while asserting that he is not guilty.

Sajjad expressed his thoughts during a visit by his family in the Central Jail, Sahiwal.
During this visit, a Pakistani Christian lawyer and activist Sardar Mushtaq Gill, Chaudhary Javed Sahotra Advocate, Pastor Simon Peter accompanied the family of Sajjad Masih. Among his family members were his mother Bashiran Bibi, and his three brothers Pervaiz Masih, Zulfiqar Masih and Sarfraz Masih, who met him for about an hour.

At this occasion, the Christian blasphemy respondent firmly stated, “I am totally innocent in this case and I do not know why I was involved in the blasphemy case but I believe in God that He should provide me justice.”

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His mother Bashiran Bibi said, “I pray day and night for my son’s freedom from prison because I know he is not guilty.”

The visitors told him, that the first hearing of his appeal case has been scheduled for December 7. While at the same time, he was briefed about the progress of his appeal case and was told that Sardar Mushtaq Gill is pursuing his appeal case.

At this occasion, Sardar Mushtaq Gill, asked Sajjad Masih, if he had any request for the international community. To this, Sajjad Masih beseeched all to pray for him, and his family. He urged them to pray for his acquittal as he is not guilty of committing blasphemy, he assured. He asked all Christians to pray for his family’s safety because they have been facing life threading situation since he was accused.

While realizing the agony of his family members, he said that he is well aware of the fact that his family had been in suffering for four years now and still in sufferings, Islamists continue to hurl threats at them.