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I Am “Sick Of Killing”- An ISIS Fighter Turns To The Bible


     An ISIS militant turns to the Bible says he’s “sick of killing”

ISIS fighter turns to Bible
ISIS fighter turns to Bible

According to credible sources an Islamic State fighter quits slaughter and beheadings reportedly has turned to the Bible. This story emerges from a Middle East missionary who asserted that an ISIS fighter who served as a trainer for the militian group has turned to the Bible because he became “sick of the killing.” The missionary shared this story on the Voice of the Martyrs radio show. The missionary said that this jihadist was traveling home from Lebanon when he asked a taxi driver for a Bible.According to the missionary’s description, “The taxi driver knew a Christian in Beirut who was very happy to give the guy with the beard a Bible and then, ‘Sir, would you like to tell us why you’re looking for a Bible?’ And his response was ‘I’m from Saudi. I’m a sheikh. I’ve been in Syria teaching the ISIS fighters jihad andthe theology and the practice of jihad. ‘I’m sick of the killing. There must be something better than this. He had come to see that the violence of ISIS was not the path to peace. He was tired of it; he wanted something else, and so he was interested in having a Bible. “Similar stories emerge from that part of the world as missionaries keep on reporting that a significant number of ISIS militants are encountering Christ. Turning their backs to violence and embracing Him after having a dream or vision of Christ.Similar to the case in point, the same missionary testified of an ISIS fighter who had a vision of the cross, who then went on to learn more about Christ. This man later became a believer of Christ after he met a Christian in a neighbouring country.Another missionary who is a firled worker of (YWAM) shared the story of an ISIS fighter who formerly enjoyed killing Christians. He turned towards Christ after He appeared to him in a dream.”The missionary who has shared this stroy is a credible source who has worked for years in the Middle East and has spent several years living there and knowing the language, culture and custims of the local people. Moreover, the church leaders and missionaries from the Middle East are also reporting similar stories which