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I can lay down my life for sanctity of church: Kamran Michael denies allegations of church property expropriation


Christian leader Senator Kamran Michael organised a press conference in Lahore, in order to clarify his stance over the church property feud, while maintaining that, there are certain individuals who are being airing allegations that he has illegally sold church property. He categorically denied all the allegations, and said that he reserves a right to take action against those framing fabricated accusations against him.

Kamran Michael

PML-N leader, Kamran Michael who currently holds the office of Federal Minister of Ports and Shipping, asserted: “I am a Christian apart from being a PML-N worker. I can even lay down my life in order to maintain the sanctity of the church.”

This press conference was held in Lahore Press Club, on April 25 Monday. At this occasion, other Christians political leaders including MPA- Tahir Khaleel Sandhu, MPA- Shehzad Munshi and Shakeel Marcus Khokhar, also accompanied him. While talking to the media, Kamran Michael said that he has nothing to do with the allegations of allegedly selling property of Church in Murree by assistance of Shafique Masih.

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While addressing the media, he said that he is well aware of the sacredness of a church, and that the factitious allegation has been broadcasted by certain individuals, who want to tarnish his political reputation. He further stated that, prior to this, there have been attempts of his character assassination, and however, the allegations could not be proven true.

He further stated that at the time, when he was first contacted by the related law enforcement body, he happened to meet Dr. Izhar ul Haq- who has been a direct victim of this fraud group. Kamran Michael clarified that, when police interrogated Dr. Izhar ul Haq, he denied that he had ever met me. It was further explained that the ring leader of this racket is Shafique Masih, who pretended to be my personal secretary and defrauded Dr. Izhar ul Haq, along with his accomplice Waqar Ahmad.

The PML-N leader further explicated that the racket had already extracted a huge amount of money from Dr. Izhar ul Haq, and the transaction was carried out via a bank, factually Dr. Izhar has presented the receipts of these transactions. Kamran Michael further disclosed that Shafique Masih and Waqar Ahmad, have been nominated in several cases of defrauding in various cities of country.

He went on to say that, he honors the courts and that he has been found faultless after a proper legal investigation was carried out into the matter. He affirmed that those who have tried to entangled him in false accusations of church property confiscation. Instead, they will have to pay for forging accusations against him. He clarified that he reserves a right to legal action against those accusing him.