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I sensed God’s love like nothing I have ever felt before, Super model Tracy Trinita shares her testimony


Tracy Trinita

Tracy Trinita who was a formerly a super model left behind all the glamour and has given her life to Lord Jesus Christ. Tracy who hails from Bali, has had ten years of modelling in Paris, Milan and New York. She quit her glamorous life, converted to Christianity and went on to study Theology at the Oxford.

She was just 14 when she won the Elite Model Look International competition and was able to get a modelling contract in New York. Tracy left her family behind in Bali and shifted to the U.S. She was factually the first ever Indonesian supermodel, but despite having great success in modelling, a glamorous life, showbiz friends and a boyfriend, she revealed she had an inner feeling emptiness. “I thought that if I had more money I would be happier, so I pursued modelling for happiness, leaving my friends and family behind to travel to New York.” She was so confused that she called upon God and said, “Please reveal yourself to me.”

She told that she sought advice from her friends who suggested her to take drugs and party; which “scared” me. As a result she began seeking another way to be happy. “In my family, there were Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Catholics. I did a lot of thinking, but when I found Christianity, it touched my heart and my mind.”

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Her life took a turn when someone invited her to a church service in Paris when she was on a trip to Paris because of her modelling assignment. Tracy states her experience of that church service says, “God bridged the heart and the mind and truly comforted my heart; I sensed the love like nothing I have ever felt before.”

If Jesus was not real, then how could I have felt so amazingly loved? I know fake happiness – that is what the world of modelling relies on – and this happiness was true. It was out of my power and God changed me.”

She felt an urge to call other girls in the modelling industry to Lord Jesus Christ. “I focused on doing my best at work, but for the first time I realised that other models were not the enemy or a threat, but just people like me doing a job. She continued working but as time passed, Tracy began refusing some shoots because of her newly found Christian faith.

Other models mocked her over her changed attitude, “The things they made fun of were the very things that they were attracted to and questioned me about; they were intrigued by my faith and how I was different.”

“I was living in New York, it was a Sunday evening and I had just got back from church. My flatmates had just returned from a big party. They asked me where I’d been, and I was so excited about the sermon I’d just heard, I told them all about it. One of the girls was so excited about the message of Jesus, that she came to church with me next week and became a believer.

You don’t have to be smart, but trust God and let the Spirit guide you. It is in Christ’s power, not our own, that people find God because he is the one that calls people,” she added. I think the Lord allowed me to have my first experience of evangelism without even realising I was evangelising.”

Despite the fact that Tracy no longer works in the modelling industry she sees hope within it. “The creativity shown by designers is reflective of the creator God and must be redeemed so that it may bring glory to Him.”

Tracy who is currently, travelling all over the world to share the Gospel of Christ, works for Ravi Zacharias. She revealed that after she did personal evangelism to some of her fellow girls, she decided to share her testimony and the gospel.

Tracy quit her modelling profession and studied Christian apologetics and theology at Oxford University for three years. After the completion of her studies she returned to Indonesia and served as a pastor for four years.