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I Still Dream Of The Day Mother Was Tortured And Arrested Says Daughter Of Asia Bibi


The daughter of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman being held on death row in Pakistan, has spoken out about the alleged torture her mother experienced at the hands of enraged mob.

Daughters of Asia Bibi
Daughters of Asia Bibi

Esham Masih only 9 years old when the incident took place says, “My friends told me that people were torturing my mother at the fields where she used to work.” “I rushed to the spot and found that she was being abused and tortured by men,” she added.

“I still dream of the day she was tortured and arrested,” she said. “I could not sleep properly. They had torn her clothes. The angry men came back and started torturing us both and tore down her clothes again. They dragged her to the centre of the village. We both were crying but there was nobody to listen to us. After half an hour or so, the police came and my mother asked me to go and find my father, who was hiding at my uncle’s house. But he was too terrified to leave. I ran back and by that time police had taken my mother away.”