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I Understand Hardships Of Minorities More Than Them Says PM Nawaz Sharif


Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif dedicated for betterment of lives of minorities

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister of Pakistan maintains he understands the hardships of minorities better they themselves.

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Sharif, has said that he understands the dilemma of minorities in Pakistan. He was of the opinion that he understands their troubles even better than they themselves understand. PM expressed these remarks in a ceremony held to observe National Day of Tolerance.

At this occasion he dedicated PNL-N’s overwhelming success in general elections of 2013 to the minorities in Pakistan. The Prime Minister during a rare moment of emotional display made a surprising confession that he understands the problems of minorities because he himself belongs to a minority group.

“I belong to a minority group myself,” he said seriously, quickly adding “sharifon ki kammi padh gayyi hai.”

PM Nawaz further said that, despite the sufferings that the Pakistani minorities such as him had previously faced, the outcome of general elections of 2013 was evidence that things were changing in Pakistan. “This time, it looks like nobody is going to force me out of office. Take a moment to imagine what that means for all of us.”

The Prime Minister also expressed uncompromising commitment to the betterment of the lives of all minority groups in Pakistan, including his own despite negative elements who try to create a chasm between government and minorities.