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I want to live out the Gospel: An Indian clergyman donates his kidney to a Hindu patient


In an act of sacrificing for others, an Indian Bishop has donated one of his kidneys to a Hindu who had been struggling to survive after his kidneys failed. Bishop Mar Jacob Murickan from Kerala of the Pala Diocese, had donated his kidney to a 30-year-old Hindu man Suraj who was finding it hard to survive with failed kidneys since one and half years.

Clergymen in Kerala, India

Sooraj had meager resources, and could not afford a kidney transplant. Bishop Jacob volunteered to donate his kidney to Sooraj who was on dialysis for over a year. “I started taking treatment only when the situation got really bad about one and a half years back. Now, I have come to know that a bishop is donating his kidney for me. For me it’s nothing less than God’s intervention.”

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Bishop Jacob explains that he wanted to act out the gospel and sermons he delivers from behind the pulpit. I have no anxiety about the surgery. It is only a simple sacrifice for a fellow being. We cannot ask another person to donate an organ. Only by allowing harvesting an organ from our body can we become a model for others.”

Bishop Jacob was examined in Lakeshore Hospital in Kochi, and being cleared by the doctors he will undergo a surgery on June 1, in the same hospital in order to donate his kidney to Suraj. After the kidney donation, Bishop Jacob, will get the honor of first serving bishop to offer his organ while being alive.