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Ideology taught by madrassas promotes hatred says, Alexander John Malik


Alexander John Malik

During an inauguration session of a conference titled, “People’s History of Pakistan” Reverend Alexander John Malik said that madarassas have promoted hatred in the society.

This conference which has been organised by the Trust for History, Art and Architecture Pakistan (THAAP) was attended by various notable people. While speaking during the conference, Reverend Alexander John Malik said that “History has always been written from a particular perspective.”

Rt. Reverend Alexander John Malik also quoted a human rights activist Rubina Saigol, he said that madrassas who are teaching an ideology are inculcating and promoting hate and violence to such places where they can’t even reach. “This promotes hatred towards minorities,” Malik said.

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He appreciated the endeavours put in by the Trust for History, Art and Architecture Pakistan (THAAP). He said that the Trust for History, Art and Architecture Pakistan has produced a newer version of the history of the country. “They have provided a narrative that takes into account diversity in the country,” he aired while he relating to his own experience, said, “It is not easy to be a bishop in Pakistan.”

He narrated his meeting with Zia ul Haq, and said that after the nationalization of Christian institutions, “When I asked Ziaul Haq to return these schools to the church, he said it would be difficult. Instead, he said, the church should instead open more schools,” Malik said.

Rev. Alexander John Malik further said at that time the Christian community in Pakistan stood against the government’s decision to open these schools for all children. “They wanted the schools to be reserved for Christians,” he said.