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If ISIS continues to advance no Christians will be left in Syria


Middle East Crisis

Thousands of Christians in western areas of Syria have fled their homes after ISIS advanced.

According to details, the recent ongoing ISIS advances have led to the kidnapping of Christians last week from the small and isolated town of Qaryatain. According to an estimate the number of Christians kidnapped recently are more than 230.

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In the face of recent advances of ISIS, resulting in killings and kidnapping of Christians a Syrian bishop has cautioned that “Christianity will disappear from the country if the violence continues.”

On the other hand, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims that about 230 Christians have been kidnapped by ISIS. However, the Syrian Orthodox archdiocese for the region states that 250 Christians have gone missing.

But then again, it is unambiguous whether the kidnapped Christians are still in the town or have been moved to another location. Nonetheless, some Christian families from Aleppo had previously fled to Qaryatain as a result of ISIS advance.

It was shortly after the news of ISIS advance in Qaryatain that Christians started fleeing from other towns in western Syria. This massive evacuation caused a great increase in number of dispossessed families in Syria.

This crisis however, houses no immediate end to the violence in sight. Apparently, more Christians will unquestionably become refugees, on the lookout for safe haven elsewhere in the world.

The Chaldean Bishop of Aleppo, Mar Antoine Audo, said, “if the war continues, as seems likely . . . all the Christians will leave Syria.” He is of the belief that this was one of ISIS’s main objectives.