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If persecution continues Nigeria’s Christian population could be wiped out by 2043


Nigeria’s Christian leaders have expressed grave concerns about the ongoing persecution of Christians in Nigeria. Seeing the unrelenting anti-Christians violence, the Christians leaders have warned that Christian population may decimate by 2043. They said that every month, hundreds of Christians are being killed in Nigeria.

Christians killed in Nigeria by Boko Haram

In this regard, Bosun Emmanuel, secretary of National Christian Elders Forum, while attending the conference of Catholic Men’s Guild in Lagos, told the media censured the Nigerian President as he continues to turn a blind eye to the matter. He criticized the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for “openly pursuing an anti-Christian agenda that has resulted in countless murders of Christians all over the nation and destruction of vulnerable Christian communities.”

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“Realistically speaking, Christianity is on the brink of extinction in Nigeria. The ascendancy of Sharia ideology in Nigeria rings the death toll for the Nigerian Church,” he said while urging the Christian Association of Nigeria to speak up for the persecuted Christianity in Nigeria, reaching about half of total population in the country.

For nearly ten years, terrorist groups have been targeting Christians. “In 2018, we can say in 25 years from now, we are facing the risk of being the last Christians in Nigeria. Therefore, Christians should be in the frontline of defending democracy in Nigeria,” Emmanuel warned adding, “The Church is the bastion of democracy. A divided CAN cannot defend democracy and promote justice, equity, and fairness. Consequently, Sharia will grow stronger. As Sharia grows stronger, democracy will become weaker and the Church will be emasculated out of existence.”