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11 Iraqi Christians Reach France As The Country Offered Asylum To The Iraqi Christians


A Christian family escaping the hands of IS jihadists in Mosul reaches France safely.

Iraqi Christians reach France
Iraqi Christians reach France

“Thanks to God and thanks to the government of France, we are here today,” said Nabeel Younan, 51 year-old-Christian from Mosul reached France along with his family. “But unfortunately, not everyone in the community is safe” he continued.

Younan is among 11 Iraqi Christians who arrived in Paris on August 7, days after the French government announced it was ready “to help facilitate asylum” for those fleeing the ISIS (also known as Islamic State) persecution of minorities in Iraq.

“Everyone is asking us, what now? Is the community dead? But Christ is in our hearts. The Christians of Mosul did not succumb to the terrorists’ threats; they did not renounce their faith. That’s the joyous news. That’s a source of hope – whether we are in France, in Europe or America. Christ will protect us, he gives us courage,” he said.
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said France was geared up to join multinational humanitarian efforts during a one-day visit to Iraq – which included stops in Baghdad and Arbil, capital of the northern Kurdish region.