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Illegally Detained Christian Girl Released On Bail


TOBA TEK SINGH: The illegally held Christian girl released on bail after being held in police custody over unspecified charges.

Gender based violence in Pakistan
Gender based violence in Pakistan

As reported earlier, a young Christian girl named Iqra from district Toba Tek Singh was illegally held in police custody allegedly by four policemen and a lay man on 28th of July, 2013. The four policemen allegedly broke in the house viciously torturing thus dragging her out of her house humiliating her in public by stripping her of her clothes. Subsequently, the policemen took the detainee to the city police station where she remained in illegal custody of police without arrest on official police record.


Mr. Sadaf Saddique together with regional leaders from Pakistan Christian Congress, media, NGOs approached the police station to ask about Iqra. The police initially denied her arrest notwithstanding pressure from the delegation accepted the custody of Iqra; fabricating a false case of robbery against her.


Among those who made untiring efforts for Iqra are Mr. Sadaf Saddique (Attorney at Law), Mr. Akram Waqar Gill CEO Pakistan Christian Congress, Mr. Shahzad Fate president Pakistan Christian Congress Toba Tek Singh, Rashid Jalal and Ayub Anjum the rights activists.


“After a long battle and procrastinated litigation, we were able to prove that the young girl was falsely accused by policemen just to clean their hands of their brutal and inhuman violence. During all this process of the young lady’s freedom the police continued to try to prove the young lady convict and the police conspired together that her medical exam may be done away with so that the torture on the young lady by the policemen may not be proved,” they explained.


However, once her release on bail, Mr. Sadaf Saddique (Attorney at Law) has, submitted an application to the District Police Officer on her behalf alleging, “that the police entered into her house forcibly with criminal intention, tore her clothes and thereby exposed her naked in public at large, tortured and kidnapped her and that the policemen sexually seduced her in illegal police custody.”


Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning that according to the legislation Section 354 A Pakistan Penal Code is applicable in this case. The law states:  “Section 354-A.   Assault or use of criminal force to woman and  stripping her of her clothes.- Whoever assault or uses criminal force to any  woman and stripes her of her clothes and, in that condition exposes her to the public view, shall be punished with death or with imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.”