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Images of of a Syrian toddler washed ashore show that the world had “lost humanity” says, Malala


Malala Yousafzai

International leaders should do more on Syria, youngest Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai says.

Malala Yousafzai, on Friday September 25, urged all international leaders to do more on Syria. She claimed that the dead body of a toddler washed ashore clearly showed that the world had “lost humanity.” Malala Yousafzai explained that ever since she saw the harrowing picture of Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian toddler who drowned and his dead body washed up on a Turkish beach.

Youngest Nobel laureate brought four girls with her. One of these four girls was a Syrian refugee. While speaking at the United Nations General Assembly next to 193 youth representatives from the 193 Member States of the United Nations. “The first thing is that the world leaders need to take all these issues more seriously,” she noted.

The images of his dead body lying lifeless at a Turkish shore became symbolic of the thousands who risk their lives after their exodus from native lands and seeking safety in Europe. “We lost humanity on that day when… nowhere a child is welcomed. It is important that people open their hearts and people open their lands to people who are now needing more support and who need the right to live,” she told the media while at the United Nations.

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The 18-yer-old, Pakistani activist who hails from Sawat earnestly appealed to the international leader to consider finding ways to save these refugees while she urged these leaders to imagine their own kids suffering violence and threats to their lives or sexual abuses of girls at the hands of the brutal Islamic State terror group. “They should think about their own children,” she said.

“No one leader would want their own daughter, their own son, to be neglected of education, to be neglected in society and not given full rights. It’s really tragic what’s happening to children around the world, especially in Syria, in Iraq, and how they’re suffering. It’s shocking,” she continued.

“World leaders sitting there look up because the future generation is raising their voice,” said Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in 2012 by the Taliban for defiantly attending school. “Today, we are 193 young people representing billions more. Each lantern we hold represents the hope we have for our future because of the commitments you have made to the global goals,” she added while each of the young representative held up a blue light.

“I’m hopeful that we all in the UN will be united in the goal of education and peace, and that we will make this world not just a better place, but the best place to live. Education is hope, education is peace,” she stressed while continuing, “I’m hopeful that when girls like us come together and raise our voices, the voices of those girls will be listened to because we speak on their behalf, we speak for their rights.”