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Implementation on Supreme Court’s ruling regarding minorities inevitable says Julius Salik


Renowned Christian leader Julius Salik has laid great stress on the inevitable need of implementation on Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of religious minorities in the country. In a press release, Julius Salik stated that in order to restore basic rights to Pakistani hailing from minorities, this ruling must be implemented.

Religious minorities in Pakistan

In a press release, Julius Salik stated that even though one year has passed Parliament has not endeavored to implement the ruling. Julius Salik who is convener of World Minorities’ Alliance and organizer of Awami Masiha Party said that after a legal pursuit of thirteen years, he was able to win Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of religious minorities in Pakistan.

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On August 5, 2015 a full bench of Supreme Court had ruled that the selection procedure applied for religious minorities in the country must be revoked. SC had directed the government that the minorities must be allowed to elect their representatives instead of being selected by the mainstream political parties.

Supreme Court had maintained that selection procedure would surmise a sense of second class citizenship among Non-Muslim Pakistanis. Apex Court further directed the government to take actions in order to thwart discrimination against religious minorities.

Julius Salik stated that a year has passed but government has taken no action in order to procure implementation of Supreme Court’s ruling. “In order to get equal rights for religious minorities, an immediate implementation on Supreme Court’s ruling is inevitable.” He said that he will strive for restoration of minorities’ rights, and implementation on SC ruling.
“We will go to any length, for this sake,” he stated. He maintained that he might take up nationwide campaign of protests in order to urge the government to implement election procedure for religious minorities.