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In a bid to counter radicalization: France closes 3 mosques, another 160 might see closure also



In a bid to curb radicalization, the French government has closed three mosques, while in addition to this another four informal Islamic prayer rooms were prohibited over concerns that they were putting in to the Islamic radicalisation.

In this regard, the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced on, Wednesday, December 2, that three mosques in the east of Paris have been closed. While addressing the National Assembly, he said that this was inevitable in the wake of deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. “There will be complete firmness against those that preach hatred in France,” he asserted.

Two out of three mosques closed, are located in the greater Paris region while the third one is located in Lyon. In addition to this, four “underground” Islamic prayer rooms were closed also. These prayer rooms were located in Nice. French Interior Minister has hinted that these closures will last until the state of emergency lasts, which was imposed shortly after the terrorist strikes in Paris.

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“How many mosques were closed for radicalisation during the last 10 years? None, How many have been closed since the state of emergency and the recent weeks? Four,” Cazeneuve said while addressing the National Assembly.

All the same, Cazeneuve maintained that France is unwaveringly committed to individual rights, “It is terrorism that threatens our freedoms today, not the state of emergency.”

He said that, the pace at which government is hooking and detaining terror suspects has not been leisurely. The official records reveal that so far 263 people have been hooked for interrogation, while almost all of those have been detained. In addition to these another 330 people have been put under house arrest.