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In a bizarre move UK denies asylum to Christian converts for failing in Bible trivia


In recent times, UK has denied asylum to refugees who converted to Christianity based upon their failure in Bible trivia. A number of cases of asylum have been turned down, where the refugees converted to Christianity in the United Kingdom. Followed by denial, these Christian converts have being protesting against the decision, as the British authorities clarified; they could not prove the authenticity of their Christian faith by answering basic Bible questions.

Christian converts denied asylum in UK

While talking with the media, one of the Iranian Christian converts who was denied asylum in the UK said that he had applied for asylum because he fears persecution back in his homeland. However, after he failed in the Bible trivia, he was denied asylum, “One question they asked me was very strange, what color was the cover of the Bible,” he said. “I knew there were different colors. The one I had was red. They asked me questions I was not able to answer – for example, what are the Ten Commandments. I could not name them all from memory.”

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In the face of refugees influx, churches across Europe have been reporting a rising trend of Muslim refugees converting to Christianity. Churches have been witnessing mass baptisms taking place on several occasions. Nonetheless, there have always been doubts about the conversions being undertaken with genuine hearts and not for the other benefits.

British Pakistani Christian Association, expressed disappointment over the recent bizarre move by the UK denying asylum to Christian converts based on their ability to memorize Biblical knowledge. BPCA said, many Christians converts have been denied asylum on “very spurious grounds.”

“Our expertise is in the area of Pakistani Christians who make up less than 120 applicants for asylum in the U.K. each year. Less than 50% attain leave to remain in the U.K. on initial application and appeals yield little success,” said Wilson Chaudhry, chairman of the BPCA.

“This is largely due to the failure of the U.K. authorities to recognize Pakistan as a country in which Christians face persecution, despite 700 Christian girls being kidnapped, raped and forced into Islamic marriage every year, 4 major bomb attacks targeting Christians in 5 years, a dark history of mob attacks on Christian communities after false blasphemy charges to say the least,” he added.